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Adcock, Phillip Band
Aycock, Sherrie English
Aycock, Terry Physical Education
Bedsole, Danny Principal
Belisle, Betty Counselor
Bennett, Angela Media Specialist
Brackin, Amy Special Education Paraprofessional
Cross, Lisa Special Education Paraprofessional
Farris, LyDonna Science
Fulford, Kellie Science
Griffin, Michelle Math
Harris, Jamel Physical Education/Coach
Holley, Sherrie Special Education
Kilpatrick, Melissa Special Education
Lamb, Daniel Math
Mayers, Marilyn Spanish
McGowan, Terri English
Newton, Andrew Technology
Nix, Brynn Math Teacher
Nowling, Julie History/Language Arts
Rea, J David Science
Sheler, Christa History
Thompson, Ben World History/Coach
Ward, Casey Reading
Ward, Hannah Language Arts
White, Rustin Vice Principal and Mathematics
Wright, Erica Special Education Coordinator